Why to study Software Engineering?

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Nowadays, one of the most used topics in the world is technology because the vast majority of daily tasks are generated with technology. There are several types of technology but most technology have certain relationship with software engineering.


Before answering this question I have to define what is to be a software engineering?

A software engineer is computer science professional who uses his knowledge of programming language to create tools needed in technology such as, software products, computer games, network control and others.

To begin answering the first question I have to relate what is to be a software engineer and what technology uses software engineering. The first
thought that comes to my mind when I try to think about what is the relationship between them is simple. For example, today cellphones are one of the most used technology in the world but thinking about its functionality make me realize cellphones are powered by software's or programs running inside of it which are created by software engineers. So the answer to the question is that all technology are powered by programs or software's and this programs or software’s are made by a software engineer.

Then, Why becoming a software engineer?


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When I was a kid I remember me playing with many different videogames consoles and dreaming about how to create my own game. At that moment I use to think that videogames were be made by artists only but by the time I grew up, I realized that creating a videogame was more than having an artist recreating all the environment in game. A real videogame needs not only the artist but also needs a great amount of software engineers capable to create programs that allows the user to interact with the videogame.

After I realizing how important was a software engineer for the development of a videogame and after noticing that I was really bad painting and making art. I knew that the best way to accomplish my dream of being part of the videogame industry it was going to be as a software engineer.

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A few years ago I remember I started to take a class of gaming design in Udemy which is a great platform where I knew I can learn many skills because it provides a variety of different type of courses such as, drawing, cooking, gaming design and many others. In this class, I was trying to learn how to use Unity which is basically one of the greatest platform of gaming design but the more I was getting involved in the class, I was realizing that I have no idea on how to programming and I even worst that I was wasting my time and my money because I was taking a class that requires previous skills and knowledge which in this case was programming. Therefore, I decide to keep this course on the side to continue with it by the time I learned the programming language.

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A while ago, I was thinking about Software engineer as a career, I asked myself “Its software engineer worth it as a new career path?”, the answer to this question are multiple.

When I’m considering the factor on how quickly or how easy or hard can be to find a job with this career, then my answer is yes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019 there was about 1.5 million of jobs and jobs opportunities are increasing 22% average every year. Therefore, I consider than even If right now there are not enough jobs to fulfill the demand in software engineer, in the future there is going to be more opportunities than software engineers looking for positions.

Another factor to consider in order to see if software engineer is really worth it, It’s how much can I get pay if I decide to go for software engineer because even if I know I love this career; the reality is that people not only live with aspiration and desires. There are others necessities that have to be satisfy and here is where money comes into consideration. According to glassdoor, the average salary pay is 80k per year for a software engineer, which is basically a great salary depending on how I see it but considering that I would be working in something that I want to do for ever and also get pay for it, it sound FANTASTIC!!.

The last factor and the most important if I want to see if software engineer is worth it for me, Its the fact that I have to know if I’m really good at it. In other words, I need to figure it out, a way on how to see if I will be a great software engineer in the future. Certainly, I’m not sure if I going to be a good programmer but the fact I already know that I can spend hours trying to fix a error in a program and not getting tired while I’m doing it, makes me believe that probably the more I fix those problems, I can improves my programming skills.


Software engineer is a excellent career for me because I always wanted to create programs that allow users to enjoy games the way I just to love videogames in the past and I also consider software engineer as a great opportunity to improve my computer skills and gain knowledge in programming. Therefore, I believe software engineer is perfect fit for me because I always want to learn new skills and I love the fact that I can help others enjoy their childhood the way I used to enjoy it.

By Johnny Fernandez




It's Software engineer worth it?

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It's Software engineer worth it?

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